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Radiology in the North of Scotland

Following consultations with each of the boards in the North a report was written and submitted to the Chief Executives during their June meeting with recommended actions now being put into motion

During August, the Business Case from NSS has been approved by the Chief Executives and work has begun to establish a national implementation programme, with Jim Cannon being seconded into the post of Transformation Programme Director.

The national programme will be implementing a strategy to transform the delivery of Radiology in Scotland with boards working collaboratively and addressing the most imminent challenges we face as a service whilst working on a longer term vision for the future of Radiology. It is recognised that the North is a priority with immediate actions, particularly in Highland. The national programme will be establishing its team and engaging with boards to reach and execute solutions at the earliest opportunity. 

Work planned will align the national Shared Services programme directly to regional scoping work . This alignment will include specific regional elements, reflecting the north boards’ need. We will work closely with the national programme team to ensure synergy with emerging principles and prevent duplication of effort.


Regional Project Manager: Raasay Mackenzie