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North of Scotland Trauma Network


North of Scotland Trauma Network

Programme Manager: Lorraine Scott

Clinical Lead: Dr Chic Lee

Improvement Manager: Anne-Marie Pitt

Project Manager: Portia Brown


Major Trauma is a term used to describe injuries that are, or have the potential to be, life changing or life threatening. Major Trauma remains the fourth leading cause of death in western countries and the leading cause of death for under 40s. In Scotland approximately 1,000 adults are seriously injured through major trauma with another 100 cases of children under 16. For every fatality there are two survivors with serious or permanent disability. However, evidence from England and further afield has shown that people who have suffered major trauma have better outcomes if they   quickly receive all the treatment they require in the one place.

There are many causes of Major Trauma but the most common causes in the North of Scotland are road traffic accidents, falls and assault. In delivering outcome focussed trauma care there are a number of teams and professionals across the network in community and hospital settings. Each regional network will include a Major Trauma Centre; this will be in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for the North of Scotland and is expected to go live by the end of July 2018. In addition to the Major Trauma Centre there are a number of local emergency hospitals, trauma units and community hospitals and services that contribute to major trauma care in the North of Scotland.

The North of Scotland Trauma Network includes five health boards - NHS Grampian, NHS Highland, NHS Orkney, NHS Shetland and NHS Western Isles along with the Scottish Ambulance Service and a number of statutory and non-statutory (voluntary) health and social care organisations. The development of the Trauma Network is a key priority and a component of the North of Scotland Regional Delivery Plan. A North of Scotland Trauma Programme Group oversees the development and implementation of plans to improve trauma care and meet the needs of the local population, whilst meeting national requirements.

The Scottish Trauma Network was established in early summer 2017. The aim is to develop a single national network containing four regional networks working in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service, which “improves and optimises the health and wellbeing of the seriously injured.  Helping them, their families, each other and our nation. Pioneering clinical excellence, health intelligence, innovation, education and research.”

The Scottish Trauma Network focus is from prevention through to rehabilitation, as shown in the diagram below. A key driver is reducing mortality and improving outcomes for people across Scotland as outlined in ‘Saving Lives. Giving Life Back’.

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