SACT Guidelines SACT Guidelines

SACT Regional Guidlelines

SACT Guidelines

Guidelines and protocols to support healthcare professionals to give SACT safely and treat any side-effects or complications that patients receiving SACT may experience.

The NCA coordinates the development of a regional approach to the management of SACT in our six North health boards.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information and recommendations contained within SACT guidelines. However, since cancer treatment is constantly evolving, it cannot be guaranteed that guidelines are always fully up to date.

Below are the current guidelines and over time there will be more added to this page.

Supportive Treatment Guidelines for Management of SACT Toxicities

Title Reference Number Approved
Constipation  NOS-STG-004 October 2018
Diarrhoea  NOS-STG-003 October 2018
Hypersensitivity Reactions  In Development  
Immunotherapy Toxicity Management NOS-STG-009 March 2019
Mucositis  NOS-STG-005 August 2018
Nausea and Vomiting in Adult Patients  NOS-STG-002 May 2018
Skin Toxicity  NOS-STG-006 October 2018
Tumour Lysis Syndrome NOS-STG-007 March 2019

Neutropenic Sepsis

NHS Board Title Reference Number Approved
Grampian, Orkney & Shetland Neutropenic Sepsis  In Development  
Highland Neutropenic Sepsis  In Development  
Tayside Neutropenic Sepsis  In Development  

Other clinical guidelines in use per Board

Title Grampian, Orkney & Shetland Highland Tayside
Intrathecal Policy      
Management of Extravasation      
Influenza vaccinations Guidance (October 2018)   Guidance (September 2018)

Procedural guidelines

Title Reference Number Approved
SACT Administration  In Development  
Spillage and Safe-handling of SACT  In Development  
Management of cytotoxic waste  In Development