Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs)

Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs)

Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs)

Performance information regarding cancer services in the North of Scotland.

Measuring the quality of cancer services in the North of Scotland
The National Cancer Quality Programme looks to ensure quality is at the heart of cancer services by requiring NHS Boards and regions to assess the performance of cancer services against agreed Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs), as outlined in CEL 06 (2012).

Strategic leadership of this programme is provided by the National Cancer Quality Steering Group (NCQSG) who bring together partners to provide a robust national system for the collection and reporting of data, as well as the review of QPI definitions.
The performance of the 6 NHS Boards in the North of Scotland against the QPIs are reported by the North Cancer Alliance each year for 15 different types of cancer, with a further 3 cancers being reported annually on a national basis.  In addition every third year a national report is produced by NHS Information Services Division (ISD) providing a national overview of performance against these indicators. These can be accessed by this link: Information Services Division.

For more background information on the QPI collection process, please take a look at this infographic.

The following table provides links to the latest published QPI reports from both the North region and nationally.

Tumour Group  Report title and year
Brain & CNS Brain & CNS QPIs (2017 patients)
Breast Breast Cancer QPIs (2017 patients)
  National Breast Cancer QPIs (2017 patients)
Colorectal Colorectal Cancer QPIs (2017/18 patients)
Gynaecology Ovarian Cancer QPIs (2016/17 patients)
  Cervical QPIs (2015/16 patients)
  Endometrial QPIs (2015/16 patients)
Haematology Acute Leukaemia QPIs (2016/17 patients)
  Lymphoma QPIs (2014/15 patients)
Head & Neck Head & Neck Cancer QPIs (2017/18 patients)
HPB HPB QPIs (2017 patients)
Lung Lung Cancer QPIs (2017 patients)
Melanoma  Melanoma Cancer QPIs (2017/18 patients)
Sarcoma Sarcoma QPIs (2017/18 patients)
Upper GI Upper GI QPIs (2014 patients)
Urology Bladder Cancer QPIs (2016/17 patients)
  Prostate Cancer QPIs (2016/17 patients)
  Testicular QPIs (2015/16 patients)
  Renal QPIs (2013 patients)

Details of the reporting criteria for QPIs, including revisions over the years, is available on the ISD website 

QPI reports from previous years are available for each tumour-group - please visit the NCA Groups section to access these.