Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs) Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs)

Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs)

Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs)

Guidance for healthcare professionals on the clinical management of patients with cancer in the North.

The North Cancer Alliance (NCA) has developed guidelines setting out how patients can expect to be diagnosed and treated in the North of Scotland for each individual cancer type - these are called Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs).

The guidelines are specific to treatment in the North and aim to ensure a consistent experience for patients across the region. CMGs are regularly reviewed by the relevant Tumour-specific Pathway Board. The Clinical Director for each tumour group is responsible for the CMG and ensuring compliance by healthcare professionals in the region.

For patients from the North who are treated elsewhere in Scotland, there are CMGs available for clinical care in South (SCAN) and West (WOSCAN).

In support of the CMGs, there are also protocols for the safe delivery of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT). Further information on SACT protocols is available here.

To ensure CMGs remain up to date a review process has been developed. Further information on the CMG development process and the triggers for a CMG review is available here.

The approved list of CMGs by cancer-type can be downloaded in PDF format below. Please note all CMGs are subject to a rolling review with a new draft produced every three years.

Pathway Group CMG Title Published
Breast Breast Cancer CMG In Development
Brain & CNS Link to National Guidelines  
Colorectal Colorectal Cancer CMG  In Development
Gynaecological Cervical Cancer CMG October 2017
  Endometrial Cancer CMG October 2017
  Ovarian Cancer CMG October 2017
  Vulval Cancer CMG February 2018
Haematology Various In Development
Head & Neck Anterior Tongue Cancer CMG October 2017
  Laryngeal Cancer CMG October 2017
  Nasopharyngeal Cancer CMG October 2017
  Oral Cavity Cancer CMG October 2017
  Oropharyngeal Cancer CMG October 2017
  Sinonasal Cancer CMG October 2017
HPB Link to National Guidelines  
Lung Small Cell Lung Cancer CMG October 2017
  Non Small Cell Lung Cancer CMG October 2017
  Mesothelioma CMG October 2017
Sarcoma Link to National Guidelines  
Skin Cutaneous Melanoma CMG October 2017
  Malignant Melanoma CMG September 2017
  Mohs referral guidelines October 2017
Upper GI Gastric Cancer CMG November 2017
  Oesophageal Cancer CMG November 2017
Urology Prostate Cancer CMG November 2017
  Bladder Cancer Non Muscle Invasive Cancer CMG November 2017
  Bladder Cancer Muscle Invasive Non Metastatic CMG November 2017