North Cancer Alliance (NCA)

About NCA

The North Cancer Alliance works across the six health boards in the North of Scotland to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

NCA Groups

Information on the work of NCA groups in improving outcomes for patients with cancer in the North of Scotland.

Information for Patients

General information on cancer, the treatment journey and where to turn to for additional support.

Clinical Management Guidelines (CMGs)

Guidance for healthcare professionals on the clinical management of patients with cancer in the North.

Regional SACT Protocols

Containing medicine specific guidance for treatments that include one or more SACT (Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy)...

SACT Guidelines

Guidelines and protocols to support healthcare professionals to give SACT safely and treat any side-effects or complications...

Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs)

Performance information regarding cancer services in the North of Scotland.

NCA Events

Information on regional and national events for healthcare professionals working in cancer services in the North.

NCA Partners

Information on national programmes to improve cancer patient outcomes.

Cancer Clinical Trials

Information on clinical trials available in the North of Scotland and links to further information for patients and professionals.

Useful Links

Useful links for healthcare professionals and patients of cancer services in the North of Scotland.

Contact NCA

Information on how to get in contact with the North Cancer Alliance.

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